Thursday, May 12, 2005

Rocks fighting the flow

Campus Crucade (not for Cthulhu, regretfully) are doing some big afterlife survey this week, after a big "where will you be in 10,000 years" campaign. Their survey seemed a bit biased, but the general lack of apathy shown by that group always takes me by surprise.

I have had some interesting mental imagery lately when thinking about all this too. Too bad I'm not a writer; so I keep it to myself.

Speaking of writers, I'm thinking of rebuilding my CSC 476 final project. Maybe in C#/DirectX, which could be pretty fun and a good chance to redesign the app. I think I found some of the old level designs that Kevin and I did back when I lived in Puyallup, and if they're not the old Hypercard games, I can probably use them with the engine.

Not that I haven't though of this before, so it remains to see whether or not anything will get worked on. Maybe I'll restart the old WB project instead. I suppose anything is successful if I do that instead of play WoW.


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