Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Crop Circles - The Puzzle I Skipped

I've been awake for nearly 24 hours, and we're on our way to a park in Sumner. Since the Groby, we've had this envelope labelled "UFO Detection Kit" with instructions to ask for Linda at the front desk. We've asked for Linda at every desk we've seen, with no luck.

Arriving at Sumner, we see large black hoops in a large open field. Looks like we need the kit, finally. Many other teams are here with rope and string (included in the kit) and are measuring distances between hoops.

The kit itself was a simple sheet of paper with pseudo-random letters in different orientations. Three were circled, with no other information. We gathered right away that these would correspond to three of the crop circles. We were ready to go!

So I sat down with others, while some who got more sleep in the van started this puzzle. At one point, we realized there was a hidden hoop in some tall grass. It got funny when some guy came to mow the tall grass on a rideable mower, and circled around the thing like a maniac.

Anyhow, the group of people I was with decided to go buy lunch for the team rather than deal with what was little more than a surveying problem. The only catch to the puzzle was finding the right three hoops to start with. When we got back, we still didn't have it right, and one of the people who grabbed lunch with us decided to regulate for the team. I may make this sound quick and easy; it took a very long time, but very little of that time was thinking, and most of it was us trying to guess how far the hoops were apart and how many letters that was on the sheet. It's difficult to describe, and wasn't my favorite puzzle by any means.

About half an hour later, we were positive we had the right letters, and started staring at what we had.

"Old Cannery Furniture" That turns out to be in Sumner.

Ask for Linda huh?


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