Monday, December 24, 2007


I'm spending this Christmas/New Years in Japan visiting Lyle. Once again I've managed to visit a country without the prep I ought to have done, leaving me to marvel how well (relatively speaking) one can get by without actually talking to the people around you. I should have packed lighter though.

There will probably be lots of stuff I ought to write about, but what seems really interesting to me right now is jet lag; I really, really thought it wouldn't be an issue since I was traveling westward, and the time difference really meant that everything was about six hours later than normal. Staying up can be a little hard, but I'm honestly surprised by the fact that I keep waking up at 4am and what's worse, feeling refreshed.

I'm probably just happy to be on vacation; I figured I'd have no problem sleeping in, but I'm getting less sleep than I'm used to and generally feeling better during the day than I usually do. I suppose actually being exposed to sunlight for most of the day isn't hurting the situation though.

I'm making an effort to take pictures; ideally I'll upload them sometime after I get back.

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