Sunday, June 12, 2005

Nothing to say

I've really wanted to post something here for a while, but can't come up with anything interesting to say. Well, anything that interests me and doesn't feel like pretentious ramblings.

School is out, and I leave for Washington in about 5 days. I have to move out of this house in about 3. I'm not looking forward to finishing that. A bunch of people I know graduated, which sucks in the sense that I probably won't ever really see them again.

I might have something really cool planned for the summer, but I'm kind of scared about it all working out. That being said, I still hope it does work out.

Cleaning my stuff at my parents' house, I found my old HS yearbooks. I'm surprised how much I miss some of those people. Ah well.

I'm still playing too much WoW, but Battlegrounds is pretty cool. I might make a post about that on here or a 1up blog or something.


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