Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Gallery

I'll fix the page layout to have a direct link there, but I have a photo gallery up with pictures from Bremen. Some may disappear and reappear someday after I get back to the States and can fix contrast/etc properly, but enjoy these raw unedited shots of Germany (and maybe old photos if I feel like putting them up).

The Gallery

There's also about four more Game posts coming, either followed by or interspersed with my own weird observations/stories of Germany. I guess I can't complain about nothing to put here. I really wish Blogger had tags though. Does anyone know if they do (or if they're hiding it?)


Blogger Arthaey said...

Blogger doesn't yet have any real tagging system. I've been faking it by adding custom HTML to the bottom of each of my posts; see my blog for an example. Blogger should really get its act together for tags/categories and some sort of friends-only permissions... If you find a better system of doing things, let me know.

6:39 PM, September 27, 2005  

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