Wednesday, March 29, 2006

First Week of the Last Quarter

The fist week of classes isn't over yet, but I've more or less attended every class once. So, for this quarter I think I need to

  • Be on top of crap more. I let a lot of work slide last quarter and it haunted me around the end. I did well, but I had to work for it, when if I hadn't procrastinated, I would have had it done more

  • Do lots of volunteer stuff for beekeeping. That class seems so amazingly cool, and it sounds like the prof wants people who are willing to help. I don't have a truck, but maybe there's stuff around campus I can do.

  • Maybe renew my "membership" with Cal Poly's Darkroom and work on fixing my pinhole camera. The big annoyance is transport, but I have a few ideas. Of course, I need photograph ideas, which are even harder.

  • Other pet projects. I have ideas, but they're A SECRET TO EVERYONE

I've also been thinking that I really miss Summer Vacation from High School. I haven't really had an extended "break" of any sort since the summer of my freshman year, and I certainly don't think I'll get one when I start working.

Work might be a bit relaxing though, since I won't have to be as concerned about bills as I am now. It could be interesting if I play with brewing as much as I want to. I'll have to hassle someone to help me out with stuff though.

I think what I really need is to start carrying a to do list, so that whenever I get bored and frustrated, I at least have someone to see what exactly needs to get done. I've tried it in the past, but always lose it. Maybe the first item should be "don't lose to do list."


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