Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring Break & Divine Retribution

Earlier in the quarter I almost mocked my roommates computer problems, and I blissfully was able to use my PC. Now matters have come full circle; on Sunday my PC could not boot into Windows, and some of my "quick" attempts to fix it have left it inoperable. I suspect the problem is the video card, a tragedy because the card isn't even a year old. I'm coming to find I loathe video cards for all the trouble they give me. If my tax return comes sometime soon, I may be able to get a new one, but that's an expense I'm hoping to evade. All of this may be a hidden blessing though, as it prevents me from playing WoW, which is probably too big of a time-sink.

Meanwhile, I've been dealing with more little annoyances over the break. I rented Jacob's Ladder two days ago, and Blockbuster's copy appears to be scratched bad enough that the house DVD players have trouble reading it. On the more pleasing note, I caught the end of Eternal Sunshine and really would like to watch the whole movie.

My IPA is nearly done with primary fermentation. I may have to buy a second batch of bottles as the IPA will probably be ready for bottling about the time my porter is drinkable. Oops! I guess it can never hurt to have more bottles, hopefully they won't be too expensive.

I really need to clean up around the house this week; I'd really like to get my own things as in order as I can to make moving out in three months go smoothly.


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