Friday, March 25, 2005

Stupid Things About Programming #1

I'd like to keep the complaining in this blog to a minimum (ha), but seeing as I'm running into this issue pretty often, and I never post, it's worth mentioning.

I hate when users think that one can apply paradigms from one place to another. For example, expecting the availability of things like modal windows in web applications. In fact, expecting ANYTHING with a popup window in a web application.

Then again, google does an awesome job with web UIs. Maybe I should just play with some of their stuff to see how it's done.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Obfuscate this

For my CSC 435 project, one of our requirements is that we use a proprietary obfucsator to obfuscate our individual game dll files so that other students, etc cannot decompile them.

The whole escapade (especially the B.S. I have to go through to get the app, assuming I'm not barking up the wrong tree; the professor obviously didn't feel it was important enough to add a link to the spec. Maybe that's in the checklist too) is frustrating, given that it's not a simple download either; it's a load of register and wait forever for your crippled evaluation copy.

Oh well. It's crap like this that's keeping this project from finally being over. I wonder if Clint will make us jump through more hoops for the Java version. I'm sure he'll add at least 50 more requirements to those of us that did Chess, because obviously it wasn't already enough work for us.