Monday, May 23, 2005

Musically Inclinded

I finally found a tab for FF9's Vamo Alla Flamenco. I also found a metric ton of other sheetmusic/guitar tabs for Final Fantasy games. You have no idea how thrilled that makes me. Especially since they're not like fan-made tabs that insist that all notes must be played past the 12th fret. Lowering a tab an octive in your head is frustrating, at least for someone inexperienced at playing.

Now if only I'd practice more.

Friday, May 13, 2005


I'd normally not care, but it seems the iTunes music store started selling Final Fantasy albums, including stuff by the Black Mages. That's pretty impressive, from a consumer whore point of view.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Rocks fighting the flow

Campus Crucade (not for Cthulhu, regretfully) are doing some big afterlife survey this week, after a big "where will you be in 10,000 years" campaign. Their survey seemed a bit biased, but the general lack of apathy shown by that group always takes me by surprise.

I have had some interesting mental imagery lately when thinking about all this too. Too bad I'm not a writer; so I keep it to myself.

Speaking of writers, I'm thinking of rebuilding my CSC 476 final project. Maybe in C#/DirectX, which could be pretty fun and a good chance to redesign the app. I think I found some of the old level designs that Kevin and I did back when I lived in Puyallup, and if they're not the old Hypercard games, I can probably use them with the engine.

Not that I haven't though of this before, so it remains to see whether or not anything will get worked on. Maybe I'll restart the old WB project instead. I suppose anything is successful if I do that instead of play WoW.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Picking Away

I managed to pick the lock on our garage door (the one that attaches to the house, rather than the one cars would drive through if there weren't crap in here). I still can't pick the small padlock we found in Dan's car though. D'oh.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Dork Portal

I got a chance to see the University of Washington campus last week. I'm really jealous of them; a lot of their buildings look really cool, be it the bridges to their huge dormatories or their library that has a study room that looks like it's out of a church.

Granted, their statue of Washington looks as though it could be guarding the Dark Portal in Warcraft. I might have to put together a picture to demonstrate later.

I don't remember getting the same impression when I saw UC Davis, though their facilities for their grad students were amazing.

On the other hand, I enjoy our library once I'm inside. I just wish I didn't have to enjoy it while writing a draft of a research paper the night before it's due. D'oh. I wish the library was open 24 hours.

Using DashBlog

Now that I'm using Tiger, I figured I'd try out some of the widgets for Dashboard, including DashBlog. Let's hope this works.