Sunday, April 22, 2007

Game Development

I've finally started writing a game in XNA after all this time; a co-worker posed a challenge and I followed through. I've added some screenshots in the gallery and I've got a few fixes to make before I'd put the executable here for downloading (if anyone is interested).

My idea was to basically create a sort of hybrid between Metroid/Castlevania and E.V.O. How well I met that goal is up for debate; Kevin pointed out a lot of small tweaks I can make to the current demo-level design, and naturally in my haste to finish this by the deadline I wanted to finish by I forgot to tweak a lot of things (e.g. there's hardly any enemies, one enemy one-shots you, the boss doesn't respawn when you start a new game).

There's some annoying bugs and quirks I plan on fixing but given the silence this blog has had I felt it couldn't hurt to at least point out that I was working on this. I've already started cleaning up the code base.

I'm pretty thrilled to have a pet project to work on now; I've received some positive feedback from various folks and I hope to turn this into something a whole lot cooler. I've got a whole lot of ideas for things to do with it and I hope that I can keep making time for working on it.

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