Monday, January 15, 2007


Winter in Seattle is very white this year. I recall snow when I lived here before, but I can feel the Seattle groupthink telling me to deny that the weather is ever like this. Alas, the snow means that roads are icy which means no driving for me. I finally got a dining room-like table, only to have it trapped in my car thanks to no one wanting to drive over here and help me move it.

Thankfully I'm set on food and can walk to work. I wish I lived closer to a market like I did when I was in Germany, but I think I'll manage. I just hope things melt for this weekend. After that it can snow again.

I've been dragging my feet on XNA development but I finally just tried deploying something on my 360. It's pretty cool to see my code running on the unit, and I think I really need to push myself this month to get more of the core engine I'm writing working. I'll post images once I get a bit more working. I'm re-writing an old project from school, but plan on making the engine work a bit smoother as well as do a better job of keeping the game cross-platform. Though I suppose that takes on a completely different meaning this time.

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